Why are Dracula tours Romania so successful and how to choose a tour operator?

Dracula tour Romania -Dracula and his castle from Bran

The main reason for which Dracula tours Romania are so successful is the fact that the Dracula novel is the second most printed book of all time.
Only the Bible has more prints that Dracula.

The idea of immortals that can live for ever and are able to love for ever has always kept the romantic lovers under the spell of the immortal love.
Everybody wants their love to be for ever.
Even that, in case of vampires, some sacrifices has to be made in order to achieve this.

Bram Stoker, the Irishman who wrote the novel Dracula was so inspired and placed Dracula’s Castle in the charming realms of Transylvania.
So Transylvania’s winding, misty roads, castles and medieval fortresses set the stage for some of Europe’s darkest legends, the legend of Count Dracula. Transylvania is the most spectacular province of Romania so people that read Dracula or see movies with Dracula or vampires want to visit Transylvania.
That’s the reason for which Dracula tours Romania are so successful.

How to choose a Dracula tour operator?

First of all read some reviews about different tour operators on TripAdvisor! click here to read reviews

1 Cheap Dracula tours Romania

If you are searching for a comprehensive multi day Dracula tour Romania you have to choose between various tour operators.
You will find plenty of cheap skimped  tours if you need the cheapest prices. Most of these organizers have just a mobile phone on their website.
Chances are that these are not official tour operator recognized by Ministry of Tourism.
Try to contact them and ask for the proper licences to be send over the email.

It could be a simple driver with his own car organizing cheap Dracula tours in the main cities of Romania.
If you are a lucky person you could end up happy with this cheap solution.

2 Good value for the money Dracula tour Romania

Dracula tour Romania- impaled traitors
Dracula tours Romania

If you are not searching for the cheapest Dracula tours Romania and you are rather searching for good value for the money than there are some signs by which you can recognize a serious tour operator.

First of all search the “About us” section of their website.
You should find there:

  • the tourism business license
  • the fiscal identification of the company, address, bank accounts, owners, managers
  • the associations in which the tour operator is part and that can guarantee that this is a serious and responsible tour operator (one example in UK is Responsible Travel – check here)
  • reviews from previous clients, but ideally is to check reviews from an independent reviews site like TripAdvisor

Now you have at least 3 serious tour operators that meets the above criteria.

Check the prices of the tours and see what is included.

Some of them include only guide accommodation and transportation.

The good value for the money types of Dracula tours are half board and include special events that creates the magical atmosphere necessary in a successful Dracula tour.

One good example of such special event is Transylvania Live‘s Ritual Killing of a Living Dead event.
At that events tourists are invited to recreate the way in which a strigoi (Romanian name of a similar with a vampire creature) is helped to gain his after live peace and go to heaven.
Learn more about the ritual here

3 Private Dracula tours Romania

You are in a league of your own.
If you are looking for personally guided day tours in and around Transylvania, extended tours of Romania  and excellent tour guides, you have come to the right place!
You can choose your level of accommodation between 4 star hotels, boutiques chic accommodations or you can sleep in a castle or in a Dracula themed hotel! Just get in touch with a well chosen tour operator for that!

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