Dracula tours definition

Dracula tours are a part of dark tourism that includes visits to places related to Dracula be it the historic character, the Dracula novel and places mentioned in the novels, the movies having Dracula as a character or any place related to shooting of those movies.

Dark tourism (also black tourism or grief tourism) has been defined as tourism involving travel to places historically associated with death and tragedy.[1]

Dracula tours by country

Dracula tours in Romania

Dracula tours Romania
Dracula tours Romania

The Dracula tours in Romania are organized in order for tour goers to visit the main landmarks related to Vlad the Impaler Dracula.

The more elevated Dracula tours in Romania include also:

  • accommodation Dracula themed hotels
  • vampire themed menus in Dracula themed saloons
  • activities and special events on Dracula/vampire theme

Example of such tours:
Vampire in Transylvania-7 days Dracula tour -The Awarded Dracula tour – a top 10 Must-Do Adventure according to Fodor travel guide.
This tour is with guarantee departure at certain dates, from Bucharest.
It is half-board and includes the special event that was featured on Travel Channel Ritual Killing of a Living Dead.

Vampire in Transylvania- 3 days short break – the escorted tour departs on request for minimum 4 tourists.
Includes a Vampire menu in a Dracula saloon with proper vampire stories and the Ritual Killing of a Living Dead.


Dracula tours in England

dracula tour london highgate_Egyptian_gateway
dracula tour london highgate_Egyptian_gateway

Dracula tour in London with a Medieval banquet at the end

Bram Stoker lived in London for a while.
He use to be the secretary of Henry Irving, a famous actor.
Irving was the gentleman that inspired Stoker the idea of Dracula acting like a stylish British gentleman.
In this tours you will see Dracula’s HouseHighgate Cemetery, the strangling ghost of graves and vampires.
You will also see the Highgate Woods where satanists and witches performed their rites in the 1970’s,
Visit the haunts of serial killer Dennis Nielsen, and much more.
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Dracula tours in Whitby
In the novel Dracula Whitby is the town in which the shop that caries Dracula arrive in England.
The tours are organized by WhitbyDracula Society on requests
In Whitby there is also a Dracula Experience house.
Unique tour of the history of Dracula, utilizing animated scenes, special effects and live actors

learn more here


Dracula tours in Ireland

Dracula tours Ireland
Dracula tours Ireland

Ireland is the birthplace of Bram Stoker, Dracula novel writer.

So there is an experience in Dublin called Bram Stoker’s Castle Dracula. Details here http://www.castledracula.ie/


Dracula tour in Slovakia

Dracula themed tour can visit various castle related to Dracula and the vampires in Slovakia.

Čachtice Castle
Have you heard about the world’s most sadistic female serial killer, Elisabeth Bathory?
Remembered as “The Blood Countess” or “Countess Dracula”, Elisabeth was said to be a murderess of more than 650 victims.
Some stories claim that Elisabeth had a routine of bathing in the blood of the virgins as a part of her beauty regimen.
Čachtice castle was the seat of Elisabeth and its nowadays a perfect place for those who love mystical places.

Dracula tours Slovakia- Countess Dracula's Castle
Dracula tours Slovakia- Countess Dracula’s Castle

Orova Castle

Slovakia is also visited by Dracula novel readers for Orova Castle.
The top floor houses an exhibition of the films that have been shot there, starting with FW Murnau‘s classic Nosferatu the Vampire in 1922


Dracula tour in Hungary

Vlad Tepes the ruler of Walachia was kept prisoner by king Mathias of Hungary in a location near Buda castle.

The Budapest Vajdahunyad Castle was built over a 100 years ago for the 1000th birthday of the Hungarian State in 1896 for the Millennial Exhibition. The Hungarians loved so much the Transylvanian castle from Hunedoara Romania that they decided to replicate the castle in Budapest.

Local companies organize tour to this castle.

Dracula tours in Hungary

Vajdahunyad Castle Varosliget Budapest – Kieran Lynam Photography

Dracula tour by type

Dracula tours can be classified by type as

  • multi-day Dracula tours – varying from 4 to 10 days
  • short breaks -with duration of at least one night until 3 nights
  • day-tours- excursions without overnight

Dracula tour activities

Duriing a Dracula tours the following types of activities can by ordered


Examples of Dracula tour

Vampire in Transylvania – The awarded 7 days Dracula Tour

Escorted tour, with guaranteed departures from Bucharest, HB 
from € 1159, code: Ro4.4RoVa

Special discounted price for July – Euro 999/person! Save up to 15% !

Vampire in Transylvania - Awarded Dracula Tour

Dracula Tour departing from Bucharest, intended to Dracula enthusiasts, culture and history fans, adventure seekers
The tour includes the most important places related with Vlad the Impaler. Visit Snagov Monastery where, Vlad was buried after his assassination; Sighisoara – Dracula’s birth place, Dracula’s Castle in Borgo Pass, built according to Bram Stocker’s imagination and the legendary Bran Castle
These guarantee departure tours also include the Ritual Killing of a Living Dead performed according to old Transylvanian tradition (as was featured on Travel Channel)

Halloween in Transylvania with Vlad the Impaler-the flagship Dracula Tour with 3 Halloween Parties included

Dracula Weekend Break in Transylvania

7 days, HB, from € 1289 – Bucharest departure

code: RO7.BHADT

Dracula Tour awarded by Fodor’s Travel Guide as a Top 10 Must-Do Adventure, the tour includes the enjoyable Halloween Party in the medieval fortress of Sighisoara Citadel, Dracula’s birthplace. You will be witness at The Ritual Killing of a Living Dead (as seen on Travel Channel) and a Vampire Hunting show.
Also includes sleeping in Dracula’s Castle built according with Bram Stoker’s imagination, after the second Halloween Party in the tour. Next Halloween party is in Dracula’s Castle, Bran Castle from Transylvania. 
You will also visit Poenari Fortress.

The best Halloween Party in Europe, Transylvania, Sighisoara Citadel

2 days tour. Departure from
Bucharest, Sibiu or Cluj Napoca Airport (tour code Tr4.4RoHa)

The Best Halloween Party in Transylvania, Sighisoara Citadel

Enjoy the best Halloween ever in Dracula’s birth place – the Medieval Citadel of Sighisoara! 
You can decide for yourself the level of classification for accommodation in the citadel, from hostel style dormitories to an exquisite 5* intimate medieval hotel. 
The main highlight is the Halloween Partyincluding a delicious traditional dinner, an excellent magicians show, the Ritual Killing of a Living Dead and providing you with a truly memorable experience. 
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2 Days Transylvania Tour with Halloween Party at Bran Castle

the awarded Halloween Tour in Transylvania

2 days Short break, HB
€ 349 – Bucharest departure 
(tour code TRB.2RoHa)

Enjoy a relaxing break  in Transylvania during Halloween ! 
A 2 days short break including aHalloween Party at Bran Castle from Transylvania also known as Dracula’s Castle.

Halloween in Transylvania with Vlad the Impaler 
3 days Short Break

Escorted trip, from €569- Cluj Napoca, Transylvania, departure code: TR4.3RoHa

Halloween Short Break in Transylvania

Halloween Party, in Sighisoara Citadel – Dracula’s birthplace! 
A short break including a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sighisoara Medieval Citadel, Vlad the Impaler’s birthplace.
Pay a visit to Transylvania’s iconic image, Bran Castle and the Medieval city of Brasov.
The Halloween Party includes a delicious traditional Romanian festive dinner washed down with fiery spirits, excellent Romanian wine. There are special events like the Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead, Vampire Hunting and many dark surprises.
Direct flights from London to Cluj Napoca available.

Halloween in Transylvania with Vlad the Impaler –Short Break

3 days, escorted trip, from €599 – Bucharest departure Bu 4.3RoHa

It’s time for the ultimate Halloween Party, in Sighisoara Citadel – Dracula’s birth place!
A short break including a Sighisoara Medieval Citadel, Dracula’s birthplace and Bran Castle, aka Dracula’s Castle from Transylvania.
Also included one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe, The Medieval Saxon city of Brasov.
The Halloween Party includes a delicious traditional Romanian festive dinner washed down with fiery spirits, excellent Romanian wine and accompanied by a special program. You will assist at the Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead, Vampire Hunting, contests and many dark surprises.
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Transylvania’s Undying legend 
5 days Private Halloween Tour

Transylvania tour

from € 1299 – Bucharest departure code: Ro4.3RoVa

private Halloween Tour in Transylvania departing from Bucharest
The tour includes historical and legendary places related with Dracula’s life and death.
Vlad Dracula’s birth place in the medieval citadel of Sighisoara, the ruins of the Poienari Fortress – Dracula’s refugee place, Arefu village and Dracula’s tomb in Snagov Monastery
Enjoy a mysterious trip in Dracula’s Realm!
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Vampire in Transylvania – 3 days Short Break

Escorted trip, guaranteed departures for at least 4 tour goers, HB from € 569- Cluj-Napoca departure
TR 4.3RoSh
Intended for those willing to discover the best parts of Transylvania’s l

Vampire in Transylvania - Dracula Short Break

egendary realms in a shorter period time.
This 3 day break includes the citadel of Sighisoara and the fortified church of Biertan.
Unique events which caught the attention of media world wide such as the live reenactment of the Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead.
Visit to an exhibition of the only artist who uses spider web for his paintings.
Enjoy the relaxing 4* accommodation, a medieval fantasy with beds and the mouth-watering vampire dinner!
We bet our 9 lives you’ll love it. 
Direct flights from London to Cluj Napoca available. 

1-Day Halloween in Transylvania with Halloween Party at Bran Castle

1 Day accommodation and Halloween Party at Bran Castle, starting from       € 249 – TRB.1RoHa

Halloween party at Dracula's Castle from Transylvania - Halloween Short Break in Transylvania

Enjoy an unforgettable night tour of Bran Castle, meet the Wicked Fairies.
Get lost in their euphoric dance along with a glass of local red wine.
Feel amazing being part of a great and dynamic Halloween After Party in the grounds of Bran Castle until 4:00 am.
Accommodate in a 3* hotel near Bran Castle.  
Enjoy a traditional dinner and then explore Bran Castle, Transylvania’s symbol.
Experience the edifice’s unique charm and immerse yourselves in the myth Bram Stoker created around Dracula.
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Halloween in Transylvania – 4 Day Private Tour

Dracula Weekend Break in Transylvania-4 Days private Dracula Tours

escorted tour, departure from Bucharest 
code Ro4.5RoHa
A 4 day private Halloween tour concentrating the most important places related to Vlad Dracul and his legend. Tour goers are visiting Snagov Monastery, Bran Castle, the Medieval Saxon Citadel of Sighisoara, the outstanding city of Brasov.