Transylvania Holidays Dracula tours are specialized vacations in Romania giving the tour goers the opportunity to visit the main landmarks related to Dracula and Vlad the Impaler, the hero surname Draculea that inspired Bram Stoker character from the novel Dracula.


individual tours-tourist can travel by their own or can by a FIT (for individual tour) product from a travel agency-these tours are not escorted

private tours-are generally requested by small groups of families that want to keep their party intimate without having other tourists in the group during the tour

package holidays -escorted tours with a guarantee departure at a given date, having included in the price transportation, guide, driver, accommodation.
Some also include meals be it just breakfast or half board or full board-even.
The last one is not very common for a tour but rather for a stay in a same place for several days.

Awarded Transylvania holidays Dracula tours – beside the above mentioned include also good quality entertainment like masquerade parties, Halloween parties with magic shows, contests, prizes) or Ritual Killing of a Living Dead

Examples of tours that include
Ritual Killing of a Living Dead (as was featured on Travel Channel)

Vampire in Transylvania – The awarded 7 days Dracula Tour

Escorted tour, with guaranteed departures from Bucharest, HB 
from € 1159, code: Ro4.4RoVa

Transylvania Holidays Dracula Tours
Transylvania Holidays Dracula Tours

from € 1159, code: Ro4.4RoVa

Dracula Tour departing from Bucharest, intended to Dracula enthusiasts, culture and history fans, adventure seekers
The tour includes the most important places related with Vlad the Impaler. Visit Snagov Monastery where, Vlad was buried after his assassination; Sighisoara – Dracula’s birth place. Also Dracula’s Castle in Borgo Pass, built according to Bram Stocker’s imagination and the legendary Bran Castle
These guarantee departure tours also include the Ritual Killing of a Living Dead performed according to old Transylvanian tradition (as was featured on Travel Channel)

Halloween in Transylvania with Vlad the Impaler-the flagship Dracula Tour with 3 Halloween Parties included

7 days, HB, from € 1289 – Bucharest departure

Transylvania Holidays Dracula Tours-Halloween in Transylvania
Transylvania Holidays Dracula Tours

Dracula Tour awarded by Fodor’s Travel Guide as a Top 10 Must-Do Adventure, the tour includes the enjoyable Halloween Party in the medieval fortress of Sighisoara Citadel, Dracula’s birthplace.
You will be witness at The Ritual Killing of a Living Dead (as seen on Travel Channel) and a Vampire Hunting show.
Also includes sleeping in Dracula’s Castle built according with Bram Stoker’s imagination, after the second Halloween Party in the tour. Next Halloween party is in Dracula’s Castle, Bran Castle from Transylvania. 
You will also visit Poenari Fortress.

Transylvania Holidays Dracula Tours disambiguation

According to wikipedia a package tour, package vacation, or package holiday comprises transport and accommodation advertised and sold together by a vendor known as a tour operator. In the tourism industry they are popularly called tours

The tours can be escorted or non escorted.

Transylvania Holidays non escorted Tours

Tours that are organized by travel agents that book for the traveler accommodation, transportation and in rare cases also restaurants.
These are not a popular choice at all in Transylvania

Transylvania Holidays escorted Tours

At their turn they are private tours and group tours.
Private tours are organised for small groups or families without other tourists in the group.

The most popular choice for Dracula tours in Romania are the group tours with guarantee departure.

Best selling Dracula tour in UK is the 3 day short break with 2 Halloween parties included:

Halloween in Transylvania with Vlad the Impaler 
3 days Short Break

Escorted trip, from €569- Cluj Napoca, Transylvania, departure code: TR4.3RoHa

Transylvania Holidays Dracula Tours
Transylvania Dracula Tour

Halloween Party, in Sighisoara Citadel – Dracula’s birthplace! 
A short break including a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sighisoara Medieval Citadel, Vlad the Impaler’s birthplace.
Pay a visit to Transylvania’s iconic image, Bran Castle and the Medieval city of Brasov.
The Halloween Party includes a delicious traditional Romanian festive dinner washed down with fiery spirits, excellent Romanian wine. There are special events like the Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead, Vampire Hunting and many dark surprises.
Direct flights from London to Cluj Napoca available.

No 2 best selling Dracula tour in UK is the 2 day Halloween short break with Halloween party in Sighisoara citadel, Dracula’s birthplace

The best Halloween Party in Europe, Transylvania, Sighisoara Citadel

2 days tour.
Departure from Bucharest, Sibiu or Cluj Napoca Airport
(tour code Tr4.4RoHa)

Transylvania Holiday package
Transylvania Holidays Dracula Tour

No 3 best selling Dracula tour in UK is the

2 Days Transylvania Tour with Halloween Party at Bran Castle

2 days Short break, HB, € 349 – Bucharest departure
(tour code TRB.2RoHa)

Halloween in Romania Halloween tours from Bucharest

Enjoy a relaxing break  in Transylvania during Halloween ! 
A 2 days short break including a Halloween Party at Bran Castle from Transylvania also known as Dracula’s Castle.

No 4 best selling Dracula tour in UK is the

Halloween in Transylvania Sighisoara citadel with Vlad the Impaler –Short Break

3 days, escorted trip, from €599 – Bucharest departure Bu 4.3RoHa

Transylvania Holidays Dracula Tours
best Halloween in Transylvania Romania-3 days departing from Bucharest

Best selling private tour in UK is

Transylvania’s Undying legend 
5 days Private Halloween Tour

Halloween party in Romania private Dracula tour
Halloween party

from € 1299 – Bucharest departure code: Ro4.3RoVa

private Halloween Tour in Transylvania departing from Bucharest
The tour includes historical and legendary places related with Dracula’s life and death and a Halloween party-or you can opt for 2 Halloween parties.
Vlad Dracula’s birth place in the medieval citadel of Sighisoara, the ruins of the Poienari Fortress – Dracula’s refugee place, Arefu village and Dracula’s tomb in Snagov Monastery
Enjoy a mysterious trip in Dracula’s Realm!
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