Transylvania Live’s Halloween in Transylvania & Dracula Tours


  • We are specialized in Dracula Tours and Halloween in Transylvania.
  • Our tours are getting constant press attention. Most notably, our Halloween in Transylvania 7 day half board was placed in the Top 10 Must-Do Adventures  by Fodor Travel Guide.
  • The happening Ritual Killing of a Living Dead, that is included in most of our tours, was featured on Travel Channel.
  • Academically speaking Dracula Tours are classified as a part of Dark Tourism. This branch of tourism involves travelling to places associated with sad places, death (like tourism to Ground Zero in New York or to Poland’s Auschwitz Nazi death camp) but also to places related with magic like the witches from Salem USA or Dracula in Transylvania.
  • Professor Duncan Light,  from Liverpool Hope University, expert in Dark Tourism and author of the book “The Dracula Dilemma” describes Transylvania Live: Your company is one of the few that understands the Western market for Dracula. Your product appears to be very innovative! For many Romanians Dracula means Vlad Tepes but for people from the UK, America etc. it means of course the vampire Dracula. I agree with those people who say that Dracula is a way to get foreign tourists into Romania creating an opportunity to show them all the other things the country can offer.


Why our Dracula tours are better than others?

  • Transylvania Live Dracula Tours, beside offering Dracula themed accommodation and visit to the main landmarks related to Dracula in Transylvania, include special events, like Ritual Killing of a Living Dead, that create that special atmosphere for which tour goers decide to book a Dracula tour
  • Our Halloween Dracula tours includes in house organized Halloween parties where magicians performs, professional ballet dancers show the Vampire Hunting, there is the Ritual Killing of a Living Dead, contests, 3 course meals and open bar with alcoholic and soft drinks.
  • When you compare prices with other companies tours you will realize that for similar prices we offer good quality for the money, providing  in plus half board. The meals that we include are meant to offer a taste of Romanian, Hungarian and German cuisine, all the main ethnic groups living in Transylvania.
  • Plus a Vampire dinner in a Dracula saloon with Dracula’s specialties that did not appear in the menu.

Transylvania Live Team Members

Hertha – General Manager 
Hertha - General Manager Transylvania Live

Alin – Business Development Manager

Andreea – Marketing Manager

Andreea - Marketing Manager Transylvania Live

Mircea – IT Magician

Dori – Creative Manager

Dani – Security at Transylvania Live Parties

Andreea – Accountancy

Adi –  Props & Hair stylist

Michael & Milena- Special Effects

Eduard & Bianca – Magicians at Halloween Party

Iancu & Rovana- Halloween Party hosts

Stefan – Sound, Lights & Selfie Cam

Vasile – Strigoi in  charge

Dracula’s wedding & Vampiressa Hunting shows

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